Study Break

I needed a study break last night so I took a stroll around campus. Campus is beautiful!

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  1. Good luck to you. Texas needs good law students as it has some of the worst prisons in the country. The man I write about is in Allred in Texas. This blog, the book I’m writing, the music and the newsletter are all to benefit when he gets out. There are chapters of the rewritten draft posted, but the chapter Sharp turn to The Left is about what was done to him in the juvenile system when he was 16. Take away self esteem, lock kids in solitary and deny them an education. How can a man make it on the outside. There was no one to help. He should get out in 2023 at almost 40. This time I will make sure he is okay. You should click on the link below the banner for the Newsletter and keep up on how he is doing and the music written for the book, plus other things. I hope you are able to make a difference. The inmates need you.

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  2. Best time to walk right now is at night or early morning.
    Around here (San Antonio, Texas) it has been extremely HOT during the day.
    Someone told me that anyone who stays outside for more than a few minutes will become the equivalent of “people jerky.”

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