You Get to See Me!

I made a YouTube video! But don’t make fun of it!! Oh and click on the link below (don’t just watch the video embedded into the page lol) Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

48 thoughts on “You Get to See Me!

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to suggest that you include the YouTube link in the blogpost, and the blog link in your video description. Then it would be easier to follow both from each platform. But good work on that one. The framing was intimate but in a friendly way.

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      1. I can see and watch the video, but it doesn’t open in YouTube so I can’t like ot there and subscribe. You just need to copy the link to your channel or video from YouTube into your post. That way I can go to your channel, like and subscribe. See? And in the video editor on the Your Videos page of your YouTube channel, click on it and add your website link to the description. That way, no matter how a person comes to your video, the blog or on YouTube, they can easily find your site or your channel and like and subscribe. See what I mean? It increases your views, likes, shares etc.

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  2. Hello neighboring state! Well maybe not any more if you are now in Oklahoma then not so much but hello from Louisiana anyway! We love Texas and loved living in the Dallas area some time ago. Hope you’re enjoying school.

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