GoPro Video is Finally Here!

Here it is! I finally made a GoPro video….and it sucks! But really, it’s awful! If anyone knows a way I’m allowed to use copyrighted music on YouTube videos, let me know. Until then, my videos will continue to be lame haha. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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  1. Obviously, being in the UK, I don’t know how intellectual property law works in the US, and I’ve never tried to use music in that kind of capacity (I do not dare video myself). But with pictures I’ve gone with things that have licences for non-commercial use. Not sure how much of that exists for music. At the risk of stating the obvious, one hardly wants to get into legal trouble when contemplating a career in the law!

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      1. See, it’s amazing too if you ask a handful of people if they know someone in a band … bet money you get 3 right there and it helps them gain an audience (I’m all about trying whatever though๐Ÿ˜Š)…cool way to meet new peeps while in school too!…WINNER๐Ÿ˜‚

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  2. This is a slippery slope on YouTube. There are sources of copyright-free music you can use with a simple attribution, however.

    One I’ve used for some time (after going through a bit of stress when I posted a video of my cat Andy entering the room while I was listening to Louie Armstrong’s Hot Fives and Sevens sessions….) is Kevin MacLeod’s music. You can also pay a small fee ($76 when I did it) to have unlimited access and use of his work. I paid the small fee and make note of that every time YouTube gets its knickers in a twist about copyright. I mean, a Vivaldi mandolin piece (one would expect) surely won’t bring out the copyright police, but they (YouTube) police copyrighted performances as well as copyrighted pieces. You can’t win!

    Here’s a link, with no obligation to use this source:

    Another music source you can use for free is available on the YouTube edit feature, and that is what I used of the re-edited Andy the Persian kitty video that almost got me banned from YouTube till Jesus comes. No shit.

    Though the banjo music (sourced on YouTube’s edit function) is “cute”, Andy was a genuine Jazz Cat walking in with 1920s Armstrong jazz music! Too bad it’s been copyrighted forever and someone is milking it for all the money they can. Just don’t accidentally record it on a cat video!

    But you want to use the specific recorded music of a favorite band, right? Good luck and get out the checkbook. As a lawyer-to-be, you may get practice working up the deal that lets you use that one song you really want in the soundtrack of your video.

    “Slippery slope” – keep saying it over and over every time you want to add music – even copyrighted music you do your version of! – to your videos. You will enter a legal circle of hell.

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  3. I liked your first GoPro video! It was a bit choppy for my taste, but it certainly didn’t suck.

    Funny enough, I’m grappling with the same issue over music with copyrights. I used a song by MitiS for my newest vlog video, and I got a notice on YouTube that said something to the effect of this artist has copyrights to this song but allows noncommercial use of it. So no copyright strike for me! Woo hoo ๐Ÿ˜‹

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