I Tried To Make Potstickers…

My face when I try to cook potstickers.

Any good recipes, y’all? I’m thinking about trying my luck at a few more things! Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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  1. Good recipe for potstickers? find a good Chinese restaurant 😉 When I was in college (a million years ago) there were two “cooking for college students” cookbooks. I used the first one a lot. And a personal favorite from my grad school days: Boil the noodles for Mac & cheese, add peas at appropriate cooking time, drain, stir in a can of tuna. One dish, fish, veg, cheese, and pasta.

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  2. I’ve never heard of potstickers and I eat at Thai restaurants and Chinese restaurants. I lived in TX way back in the day and got homesick for Upstate, NY. My sister moved to TX a few years back. I’d love to visit her. It’s just that I visit my kids first and there’s only so many vacation days and travel money. Maybe some day.

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      1. I’ll have to check out an online recipe place like allrecipes.com or is it allrecipe.com. Maybe they’ll even have a picture. If I see it maybe I’ve eaten one and didn’t know it’s name at a buffet place. I remember seeing signs for chicken fried steak when we moved to TX and I didn’t know what to think of that. I loved the people in TX, so friendly to newcomers. We were really young back then and I tried for two years. After moving back, I heard it takes three years to acclimate. Oh well, God knows. Hope your lawyering goes well.

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