Need More Advice!

For my “About” page, should I put up a picture or should I make a video? Any thoughts y’all?

Thanks in advance!

25 thoughts on “Need More Advice!

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  1. You can add a link from the About page to the video you n a separate page. This way visitors will spend more time viewing your pages–better for your analytics.

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  2. Thought of an avatar? Inspirational photo? A fantastic quote that lets readers know your heart’s path? Photo of your favorite Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (perhaps your ultimate goal)? Here’s wishing you well on your law career. Ray

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  3. I say a video would be different! I never visited an about page where there was a video of someone talking about who they are and what their site was about…that’s different.

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  4. Put up a picture is a best ideaaccording to my view. As a blogger picture suits perfectly on your about page and also you can add your “You tube” or any other social media link below on that, well that’s what I can suggest. πŸ™‚

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      1. If you say so–you are right of course! Co-eds hard at their studies? I have a few like that–reading or working on lap tops outdoors!—OR just stick with that campus scene. That way one doesn’t have to become a lawyer too soon! πŸ™‚


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