Can I Wear Spurs in a Courtroom?

Am I allowed to wear spurs on my boots in a criminal courtroom? I’m not entirely sure considering I’ll have to walk through a metal detector. But if anyone asks why I’m wearing spurs in a courtroom, my response will simply be: “We’re still in Texas, right?”

41 thoughts on “Can I Wear Spurs in a Courtroom?

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  1. Sometimes, I detest this ‘acceptable dress code’ culture in our institutions. I don’t expect to see an attorney in shorts in a courtroom or sporting a hat, but a loud shirt would surely brighten the dreariness of the courtroom.

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      1. Lawd have mercy that simply will not do, especially as it is seemingly right up your alley. It’s a law comedy worth tons of laughs, with damn good acting and legal sense to boot. Definitely check it out, and see if your spurs would do after that ๐Ÿ˜‰

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