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Does anyone have any advice on how to get my content on Google and other search engines? When I look up my stuff on Google it never comes up and, according to my stats page, I very rarely have any traffic from a search engine. Any help, y’all?

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      1. about 1%, to be very honest with you, I myself have not mastered the art of SEO, plus your posts will automatically be ranked higher in search engines if you go self hosted. Basically you get what you pay for, but if you learn SEO on your own you can definitely gain some views even in the case of a free plan.

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      1. When your writing your blog. In post settings where you would attach a picture is Categories & Tags. In tags is where you hashtag to get your story out to the people. I also saw one of my articles in google and it was actually the image name not the article name. So I’ve started making sure if I have image it is named close to the article.

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  1. regarding tags: in the reader section along the top there is the option at the botton that says tags. People can put in a word that seaches all the blogs that have this in the tag of their post. For instance, I have “poetry” so it provides it provides a stream of posts as people publish their posts that have “poetry” in their tag section.

    So just as google search engine, you want to put in tags that a person might reasonably search for. The post may be about getting a flat tire, but not many people are going to think I want all the posts that are about flat tires. For your blog “college” or “college life” would be good possible tags for each post.

    Also more broadly your blog is about your day to day experiences, so “Life” would be a good tag. Also you can search for those blogs and see what other tags people use. You can also then follow some of those blogs that you will actually read from time to time (some people go around and just follow people in the hopes of getting followed, yet never read any of the posts that they follow. For me this is a major breach of blog etiquette.)

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      1. i don’t know about search engines. The other thing that might help is posting your blog on Facebook and Instagram. You can set up your blog so that it automatically posts on your Facebook I don’t know about Instagram but I would assume so.

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  2. I would add that a good way to get people whose blogs you are reading is check out your blog is to make a comment in the comment section, as this gives people the knowledge that you are actually checking out their posts. (For me personally, people who put at the end of their comment, “please check out my blog” is also a breach of etiquette and I won’t check their blog. I can decide for myself when someone comments whether I will check out their blog).

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  3. I wish I knew! I keep telling myself I’m playing the long game with blogging and it doesn’t matter about numbers as long as I have quality content etc, but the fact that my posts get so few views bugs me. It’s good stuff! (I have read the above and I am not saying “check out my blog”- just, it’s frustrating that people aren’t finding me or clicking on my stuff)

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      1. Apart from the initial interest of my first post, about 10-20 on a day that I publish a post? Which is really quite demoralising- it’s not like I’m not sharing my stuff on social media, etc. I do know that my long form posts aren’t to everyone’s tastes (I’ve been told that my stuff is far too long, but, it’s how I write), but I think what I have to say is worthwhile and there must be more potential for interest than that.

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      2. I can’t see your metrics but from your comment section, follower count etc, you look like you’re doing OK! (I’m not dismissing what you’re saying, of course) I admit I am trying to play the long game here- I’m hoping my blog will be something future employers look at to see how I conduct myself, think, etc, so it’s not all for naught. But the reinforcement in the interim is better than I thought it would be, and I miss it when it’s not there!

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  4. The first thing with SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is your title, as some of the other people on here wrote. A title with buzzwords will garner attention from search engines. Another way(this is mainly for websites), is metadata. I don’t know how much you know about coding, so I’ll be as thorough as I can. So HTML(the markup language used to create the base of a website), has these these things called tags. These include body, head, headers, paragraphs, etc. One of the tags that’s available is called meta. There’s a few different classes of meta tags that you can use. There’s keywords, which are basically hashtags. There’s robots which is for search engines specifically, and it kinda instructs them on what to do. If you have any other questions, lemme know πŸ˜€

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      1. Unless you’re hosting your own site, you will not be able to changed the meta directly. I would suspect that the meta would be influenced by the tags you pick for your post (note: I could be wrong).

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      2. So the way search engines tend to work is that they have access to pretty much the entire web. When you type into that search bar, you’re filtering those results to get what you want. I don’t know the fine details of it, but I’m pretty sure the search engine not only looks at written words, but they also look for stuff in the HTML of the page, which is where the metadata comes it. I think if you have WordPress premium you have access to stuff that can change your page’s HTML. I know it has CSS features(CSS is like the design portion of a site), but I’m not too sure about HTML. But if they do have it, then between the head tags you’d put for example .

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      3. I’ve never tampered with WordPress HTML myself, but I’ll look for a YouTube tutorial or an article on how to do it if you have WordPress Premium; and I’ll send you the link when I can.

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  5. Pay Google. But seriously, all of the above. And the more people read your posts, the higher Google will rank them. Success breeds success, so to speak.

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  6. Hi, I enjoyed reading all the responses to your query. I am a newbie here and I keep looking for this answer everywhere. Spoke to a couple of friends who have done well in the blogging world. Some suggestions that I follow are:
    1. Appropriate and interesting tags.
    2. Spend dedicated time on reading, commenting and liking other blogs.
    3. Share your post on fb, instagram, twitter , linkedin, google plus, whatever you can lay your hands on.
    4. Regular with blog posting. LIke, I post on all fridays.

    All this in addition to spending hours to write an interesting and connecting blog entry.

    I still get 95% of my views from friends and family. I am very happy when I get a view through worpress, google plus , or instagram.

    I recently got a couple of views through google plus. And I am still trying to understand what I did “right” in that particular post. πŸ™‚


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  7. I’ve heard that if you use too many tags then you’re considered a spammer or a robot, well, I don’t understand the tech stuff very much, but I’ve been blogging quite a while now and if I type in my name some of the WordPress titles come up. I stop my tags at six, usually. Thanks for stopping by my site.

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  8. Hi! 😊. I noticed big jumps in traffic when I did the following…

    – I joined my Silent Wave blog to Twitter and made friends within the community 😊
    – A while later, I created categories for my blog posts and moved them all out of the nebulous “Uncategorized” to their respective categories.
    – I tagged each post with words that were relevant to the content and also likely to be searched.

    My Who Loves Kitty blog has remained small (which is fine with me), but the Silent Wave blog grew a lot. It took a couple weeks after making each change for Google to recognize it, but that’s about it.

    I also love linking to other blogs and bloggers when it’s appropriate and relevant, and I reblog other people’s posts (with permission) when I come across something really cool. I also like to interact with other people on their blogs when I can. I’m following a lot of people, but they’re totally awesome and it’s totally worth it πŸ˜πŸ’šπŸ’™

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  9. I don’t know what I was reading when I was reading the article, but I just googled awesomely single my tag line in my blog. 2nd result in google plus

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