My First Law School Final!

Y’all! I have my first law school final tomorrow! Wish me luck! I’m so nervous!

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  1. Don’t stress, I’m sure you’ll be fine!
    I must admit I’m confused by your timetable. I know Americans go back to uni earlier than we do, but I’m still on summer holiday and don’t go back for another month- any “final” exam (we don’t call them finals here) would be in January at the earliest, maybe December, and more likely (our compulsory subjects are year long at my university) May or June.
    What’s the subject?

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      1. Well I only just (miraculously) passed my law module at university (lecturer said my knowledge of legislation was good but applying it was where I fell short) so you can’t do much worse than I did haha! Keep the faith! x

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      2. Bless you! πŸ™‚ I got a 2:2 in law (don’t know what the US equivalent is) . I went to SHU in Sheffield, UK (I’m British) My degree was in Performance but we had to learn the law behind it, employment, health & safety, public liability etc. Law student sounds much cooler haha!

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      3. Ohhh okay! So you’ll be a barrister when you graduate? It’s okay! I like the brits more than I like some americans! Though I am Irish by descent so I often say “Come out yet black and tans, come out and fight me like a man!” Haha πŸ™‚

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      4. I graduated two years ago, my degree was in Performing Arts (that’s what I meant by Performance sorry if wasn’t clear!) so I’m and actress and writer (hence all the reviews lol) Glad you like us Brits haha! πŸ™‚

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      5. Highly recommend the Peak District in Derbyshire, England the view is amazing! :O And even though this isn’t England, Scotland’s awesome too πŸ™‚ But then again I’m part Scottish so I’m naturally biased haha!

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      1. I was hoping intellectual property… But umm… Unless my fiction comes to life, I don’t think I’ll need your services. Best of luck! I have a feeling you’ll do just fine! Rooting for ya cowboy!

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  2. Good luck! I read the other day that cardio can expand the hippocampus and aid in recall, so it’s beneficial to exercise before a test. I don’t remember where I read that, though… Thank you for following my book blog!

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  3. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and taking the time to read one of my posts. I’m a day late, but I hope your final went well. And that your others will go well, also. I totally understand that mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness. Once upon a time (loooong ago — LOL) I was a “texas law student”, too. πŸ˜‰ Good luck with your first year, and every year after!

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      1. I did a few different things. At the end of my career, I was a research attorney in a corporation. So I wrote briefs and opinions on varying legal questions. Overall, I didn’t enjoy being a lawyer. I’m quite introverted, so it was a struggle. But I liked my last job. I quit so that I could have a baby and become a stay-at-home mom. And so I would have more time to write.

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