Is My Hair Getting Too Long?


Any advice y’all? I usually keep it shorter.

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78 thoughts on “Is My Hair Getting Too Long?

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  1. I’m seeing some receding going on there, so I say No, young buck! Plus, I’m a bit of an old hippy. I’ll never understand people who appear to have a full head of hair, but they decide to shave their heads. I won’t trade “convenience” for my naturally gorgeous locks! I don’t want to look like an extra from “Prison Break”. Your hair is not too short – for me – and definitely not too long. — YUR

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      1. That’s probably a fair point! In that case, I vote leave it as it is. It looks fine anyway. Or maybe grow it super long. And then braid it! Yeah, do that! Braids all the way!

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      2. Well I personally think there are a real lack of lawyers with braids…perhaps you could start a new trend?! Open your own law firm, where all the lawyers have to have braids in their hair or in their beards?! I would totally use that law firm…

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      3. Haha well it is quite a distance from me…but whether I am arrested in Texas, in federal trouble, or just decide to get a lawyer from Texas-you better have a braid!!!

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      4. Well, you should use plenty of conditioner, and maybe use some fancy hair growing shampoo?! Or take hair growing tablets? Is that even a thing?! Probably….Ok, I will hold fire on getting into federal trouble until you have grown an acceptable braid!

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      5. Just think of it as a new project for yourself… see if you can grow a big Father Christmas style beard by December, to go with your new hair!

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      1. Try something very different and unique. This hair (your current one) doesn’t bring out your facial features. You’ve got curls (just read the comments) don’t go for a trim!

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      1. A guy asked me once if he looks okay with his hair longer. I said yes since he always shaves his head. I did not expect that he meant “waist length” long. Now his hair is longer than mine. πŸ˜…

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