What Do Girls Look For in a Guy?


I’ve been told girls really don’t care about looks, money, personality, or humor when they look for a guy. A wise man once told me that girls look almost exclusively at whether or not the guy is wearing stupid shoes! So, ladies, tell me what you think!?


Disclaimer: I’m totally kidding, but really, how are my kicks!??

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  1. Haha! I’ve heard that one before too! Aslong as the shoes aren’t falling apart with toes hanging out I couldn’t care less what a bloke wore on his feet (apart from sandles and flip flops, I hate being able to see people’s feet male or female haha!)

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  2. Lol this a funny blog
    Now for females between 18 until mid thirties
    About 75% of females are looking for guys with money,power and popularity
    Other 25% are looking for men with goals, a good career, manners, protective, passionate, nice guy but also knows how to put his foot down

    When women start heading towards their late thirties and get older more of them in this age bracket will kind of start to care less about popularity and power becuase they get more mature and actually just want a guy that accepts them and treat them like queens.
    Most important women of all ages want a guy with money.
    Not every girls is a gold digger but no girl want a broke man and this is women of all ages

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  3. High-top Nikes, eh? Pretty classic American brand. Are they Jordans or just your garden variety high-top Nikes?

    As a woman, I will say that girls normally do not look at a man’s shoes to gauge his attractiveness unless she has a men’s shoe fetish. I think the three most important personality qualities I’d look for in a man are: confidence (but not to the point of arrogance), compassion, and intelligence (not just book smarts, but one who can challenge me mentally and encourage me to think and explore things outside of my comfort zone). Jerks and drama kings are just not worth my time or energy.

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  4. Women tend to aim for a guy who have the handsome physical features and strong personality. They don’t necessarily focus on shoes but rather what outfits the men wear and the cologne they spray on themselves.

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      1. Don’t say that. Lol. There are decent women out there who can careless about looks, money, cologne and other materialistic items. What matters the most is about a person’s character. 🙂

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  5. I prefer someone who’s broad-minded and can keep up a conversation. Yeah for some looks matter but even if they find that you have depth, they won’t accept it easily. It’s a harsh world out there. Nice kicks though!

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  6. Haha dude you’re hilarious. To be honest I had no idea what kind of blog this was at first but your sense of humor is great and I will definitely keep reading/watching your posts. As for the kicks, I don’t really think it matters! Personality is everything!

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  7. Let’s just say that shoes say a lot about a person. if your clothes are clean, and you look put together, but you wear dirty or old shoes… it might mean you’re not actually THAT clean, that you don’t really pay attention to details [many women i know pay a lot of attention to details and care about that aspect in a partner as well]. Diry shoes could also mean a lazy person [who wants to be with a lazy person?] the shoes should also compliment the style of clothes – how silly do suit shoes look with your gym clothes?

    Also, the shoes are not as cheap as clothes, and the brand and appearance will give a more materialistic girl clues to the guy’s bank account size [though he could have set money aside to buy them, not pay with his plastic]. If you’re wearing the same pair of shoes everyday, or on every date, it could mean you only have one pair of shoes [=poor, maybe?], or lack a fashion/style sense.

    the financial situation of a guy is important for a girl/woman because it reflects on his personality and maturity. most straight females like mature guys, for which they don’t need to act like mothers. [many guys dont like to act like fathers for their girlfriends/wives either, or do they? sugar-daddies are a different type of guy, not included here].

    i hope this helped unravel the mystery of a girl’s fetish with men shoes and and her being materialistic. 😉

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