I Need Feedback!

Do y’all like my quotes of the day? It’s become a daily routine and gives me a reason to be on my blog at least once a day. If I didn’t do it, I might post once every few days. Any thoughts? Are y’all enjoying the quotes of the day or are they just kinda getting annoying?

Please be honest!

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

50 thoughts on “I Need Feedback!

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  1. Honestly, I have read your posts when I am working in my blog. I like your quotes. Do not get discourage and continue publishing in your blog daily if you can. It is truly hard to keep the people engaged and reading. No idea why you have this blog. I have mine as therapy, I like the fashion world and I like writing. I try to keep myself busy and distracted, even in my free times. Then I do not expect to many visits or comments. Could be great to find a way to monetize it and make some extra cash, but this world is very competitive and that is not easy. Good Luck with you blog. Looking forward for more of your quotes and messages. Keep writing.

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  2. Quotes are great! That is why I post one daily. Seriously, though, readers love a routine from the blogs they read. I post 4 things a day. First some devotional/Bible lesson in the morning, a thought at noon, a funny meme in the afternoon, then in the evening reblog something good I have read. Keep it up and blessings on your studies!

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  3. Well they’re great. In high school I wrote an in-depth research paper on Richard Nixon. The teacher met with me and told me it was excellent. But he said I didn’t adhere to standard rules on how a research paper should be presented so he had to give me a “C.” The point is that my perspective on your quotes is certain to be different than that of most people.

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