Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is the talk of the town around here. Or at least the talk of the law school. As a first year, I don’t know much about law school; I know even less about about DACA, but does anyone have any insight on this piece of legislation that is being talked about so much? Weigh-in in the comments!

Please no political fights, but I wouldn’t be opposed to a laid back political discussion in the comments between people of differing views!

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  1. DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a program put into effect by President Obama in 2012. This program allows young immigrant children temporary work permits in the United States, as well immunity from deportation and the ability to apply for a drivers license.

    There is a strict criteria to be eligible for this program. You need a clean criminal record, need to be under 18 at the time you arrived in the U.S, and pay a fee of $465 every two years.

    DACA received around 800,000 individuals as of 2017. By recinding DACA, there are now 800,000 individuals who fear deportation to their home countries. Many of these individuals are people who were raised in the U.S, and the idea of being sent to a country they do not understand is what frightens many. Others have spent their life in the shadows, only to temporaryily emerge with this programs grace so they can apply for jobs and make a decent living for themselves. Many DACA students have PhDs, MDs, are attorneys, and other Bachelor professionals.

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    1. The only reason the Dems want DACA and amnesty is so they can vote Democrats. If Dems thought that they would vote Republican all illegals would be deported back to their country plus the border wall would already be built.


      1. Really? In the late 1990s, the Census Bureau announced that Hispanics were the largest growing minority group in the US, and that based on their research, they tended to vote and identify as Republican. This was borne out with higher-than-expected Latino support of Republican candidates in the 2000 election. Republicans even began “recruitment” programs to bring even more Latinos into the party, arguing that they represented the New American Dream. All was good – until c. 2002 or so, when Republicans felt their gains were solid and they started talking about deportations. Even then, Latino support of the GOP remained solid, and has remained solid well through last November.

        The previous poster’s comment is simply not supported by the history of the last twenty years.

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      2. Just as well, I can’t find the proof using Google and probably went down the memory hole. I could also be confusing decades because I did find a speech by GW and comments by other Republicans supporting him.


  2. Sorry but I don’t agree. DACA should be eliminated and sent back to their country of origin. They can use their degrees there. It’s wrong for them to get jobs that Americans should have. Their parents should be deported as well.


      1. I am completely fed up with one particular group of illegals however: CRIMINAL ILLEGAL immigrants​! They need to be deported out of the country after our legal system is done with them. How people can fight to keep this population here is beyond me. That group doesn’t deserve to be here.


    1. Funny thing is, immigration/migration to well developed countries is something that happens worldwide. The fact of the matter is that less developed countries, or more poor countries, like Mexico do not have the same opportunities countries like the U.S have. As a result, migration happens. It is inevitable, it has happened throughout the course of history.

      So instead of trying to fight the inevitable, why not help make the situation better? Something people don’t realize is that if DACA recipients get educated and become entrepreneurs – there’s an opportunity for more jobs for those unemployed. We’ve been conditioned to believe immigrants are a problem when in reality the elite 3% are fucking up our economy. Do some research, I’m not just talking out of my ass. The Great Depression happened because of rich Wall Street brokers messing with the economy. Undocumented immigrants have none of the blame. They don’t receive welfare (and if you believe they do, again do some research), they don’t receive financial aid for college, and they aren’t allowed to get drivers licenses. They work for under the table pay and get no benefit from taxes because their employer gets all of that.

      I honestly believe a lot of people have a misconstrued view of undocumented immigrants. They are a potential source of tax revenue, not the opposite.

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      1. You have an interesting point here however I would add two more points .

        (1) All immigants/migrants MUST English or otherwise because fluent in English within a set defined time and pass an exam to prove it.


      2. Plus all immigants/migrants MUST speak English when conducted public business. No no more of Press one for English or two for Spanish. I myself and others should NOT have to be fluent in Spanish as a requirement for getting the job that I’m otherwise qualified to get.


      3. “No more Press 1 per English or 2 per Spanish.”

        If you speak English, then presumably you’d “Press 1,” correct? So why does it offend you that someone else would press a different button? It wouldn’t apply to you, because based on your comments, you don’t speak Spanish. It has no affect on your day – aside from the fact that you’re annoyed that it exists.

        Furthermore, how would this limit your employment opportunities? Again, you’d “Press 1,” which is in English, and you’d complete the English portion of an application. You wouldn’t need to be fluent in Spanish or any other language to do this, so again I ask: Why are you so offended by something that you wouldn’t ordinarily use?

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  3. I’ll be honest I didn’t even know DACA existed (being from the UK, we don’t usually hear about this sort of thing unless it’s huge in the news. We usually get inundated with the low down on Brexit) from what I gathered on the news the Dreamers are the kids of undocumented immigrants and Obama gave them deference from deportation for two years if they pass vetting, that can be renewed.
    Like I said, I don’t know the whole story (I’m not very well versed in American politics so forgive me if this a stupid question, any more insight would be great) but from what I’ve gathered the Dreamers never asked to immigrate, their families did for whatever reason. If they have continually passed vetting (many have college degrees, PhDs, clean records etc.) wouldn’t those pass certain guidelines (like in other countries, you have to prove your occupation and record is a good contribution to the country) to get proper documentation to live in the US permanently?


  4. Here are some links that explains it:

    In a nutshell it is for a group which the US has coined as “Dreamers.” It helps protect them from being deported temporarily. Under this law they are legal to do what the common citizen can do without fear of deportation for a time period with some exceptions, such as no international travels unless there is advanced approval.


  5. Let’s put this into terms that most people can relate to.
    What if your father was a lying cheat of a politician, guilty of bank fraud or a murderer. Should you be held responsible for his actions. Should you be sent to jail for something he did. You have no control over his actions.

    Let us say that you were born in Mexico but at the age of two your parents moved you to California. Now, at the age of two, you have no idea as to whether your parents were legal or illegal. So you grow up in California. Your best friend is from California. You have never known anything but being from California. One day, a man shows up at your door and says that you will have to move to Mexico because of something that your parents did.

    Children should not be held accountable for the actions of their parents. Plain and simple.

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