How Much is Too Much?

Question for my beloved followers: how much is too much when it comes to posting? I usually post twice a day; a quote every day and then a picture, video, or random thought. Do y’all think that is too often or too little? I don’t want to annoy anyone. And what type of post do y’all like best? Videos? Pictures? Quotes? Random thoughts?

Thanks for the feedback y’all!

75 thoughts on “How Much is Too Much?

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  1. I post daily, sometimes more than that, but each day has a different theme article. I’ve read where people say a couple times a week and then others that say several posts per day. I think the main thing is to just keep consistent and over time you’ll see if what you are doing is working or not.

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  2. I asked the same thing once. I was told to simply post what I want, when I want, and people would read if they were so inspired. When I post, it tends to be a wall of text. If that doesn’t make people angry, you have little to worry about. Keep it coming.

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  3. Trust me, it’s totally upto you. Those who like two posts a day will read the blog and those who don’t, won’t. Don’t get so worked up on this. I really like reading your stuff. And but that freaking bowl

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      1. That’s what I was going to say. Without that beard you don’t look like the fun guy that you are. You look like an attorney, ready to sue. I guess that’s what you’ll need tomorrow. Best of luck!!

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      2. I am an Indian. I live in Kolkata. My school is Patha Bhavan. All my friends are all about scholarship, education and stuff….. and here I am, doodling and scribbling

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      3. Um….. Ok. Kolkata is known as the city of Joy. It is hot and humid in Summer and pleasant in winter. Spring and autumn are beautiful. A lot of traditions and sofistications because of the Nobel prize Winner Tagore’s writings and contribution to the Bengali society.
        Kolkata is situated in the Ganga Delta region, on the banks of the river Ganga. It has got Heritage and was the previous capital of India due to the colonisation of the English. It’s not in the coast of Bay of Bengal, but it’s in the lower part of West Bengal which is in the eastern part of India. Anything else you’d like to know?

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  4. That’s a million dollar question that I feel every blogger ask themselves. I know I do…sometimes I think I post to much, other times I feel it’s not enough. I will say this, do what you feel. If blogging is just a hobby for you and you’Re not looking to make your site into a business, then you can post when and how you want. However; if you’re thinking of turning your blog over into a business, then I would say Post every chance you get, this is so the audience gets to know who you are, it also builds trust and gives you loyal followers who will believe you’re consistent and look forward to your posts. To answer your other question, I like a little bit of everything. Keep doing what you do, be you…

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  5. I post what’s on my heart at the time. For me that might mean that I post several things in one night/day ( I work night shift) or that might mean that I don’t post for a few days. It’s all preference. Just don’t post just because you feel that you need to. That’s my opinion.


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  6. I fully admit to having just paid your blog a visit as a result of you liking one of my posts tonight, but I did see this post and feel the need to weigh in with my opinion. Although, judging by previous comments, I would say my opinion has already been shared a dozen times over.

    There’s no such thing as posting too much on your own blog. One of my friends had a blog a few years ago and she tended to have a word she would hear or a statement she would hear that prompted an entire post in her head and ten minutes later she is ignoring all of us to post it.

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  7. Well I post atleast once a day, some posts more, depends on the availability I guess. Some post once a week, really it’s your prerogative.


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