Quote of the Day #22

“Unfortunately, common sense isn’t all that common.”


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  1. I only recently discovered Voltaire (partly thanks to learning more about Paris and its Panthéon, where he is entombed, after playing Assassin’s Creed Unity), and my goodness, the guy was such a genius. I don’t know where our collective thinking would be now without Voltaire. The Enlightenment was such a fascinating period in human history, and it influenced many of our founding fathers.

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      1. Yes, it is! That comment is almost six months old and I still stand by it! (I have downloaded Candide into my e-reader app, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.)

        I haven’t played Brotherhood, Revelations, III, or Origins yet…but Ezio is still hands-down my favorite Assassin in the series. I love anything Renaissance-related, and the database introduced in II is just icing on the cake. It was an interesting period in history for sure.

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      2. Florence is on my bucket list for places I’d like to visit. Actually, most of Italy is on my bucket list. (My grandmother’s parents were Sicilian immigrants; I unfortunately do not know where their hometown was, but it’d be nice to visit both Sicily and mainland Italy.) I hear it’s incredibly strenuous to climb the Duomo at Santa Maria del Fiore, but the view is worth it. You kinda get to do it while looking for the Assassin’s tomb there in the game.

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      3. Ahhh the Duomo! Do you know who built it and who financed it? Cosimo Medici and Filippo Brunelleschi. Brunelleschi travelled to Rome to look at the dome of the Pantheon when he was planning on building the dome of the Florentine cathedral.

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  2. Hello! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! I was also nominated for this award and for the very first time! Check out my latest post on my blog which should be out shortly for more information on what you need to do! Thanks so much and have a great day!

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