How to Come Back??

Anyone else leave their blog for awhile and come back? I’m not sure how to get back into things now (as strange as that sounds! haha) I feel that I’ve abandoned my followers and now I don’t know if I have any blogging friends anymore.

Has anyone else been in this blogging Limbo? I love blogging so I’m happy to be back…I’m just not sure how to get back into it. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance, y’all! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I have had a few different blogs, but they always end up dead. I find something else to obsess about and I forget about the blog. But when I come back, how do I continue? I feel like I have left my readers in the dark about what I am up to for too long. I feel like I’ve failed my readers, and myself. In the past, I just deleted my entire blog. Though that is not an option. Deleting your blog is denying to take responsibility. Start writing again. Tell your readers and yourself you’re sorry. Will you do it again? Who knows. Maybe, maybe not. But that doesn’t matter. All you have is now.
    When you’ve fallen, get back up and move on.

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      1. Regarding the trivia on fundamental laws suggestion, haha, I’d say stuff related to law is a great idea though! Or whatever you’re really passionate or informed about. Or your story. Some combination of what you need to express and what people need to hear.

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  2. It’s like looking for a job. If you think about anything but getting the requisite number of resumes out each day, you just give yourself unnecessary stress. Remember: Dance as if no one were watching… but, if someone IS watching, stop…. don’t embarrass yourself for God’s sake!

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  3. This is not your job but something you do for your passion – so don’t feel shackled to it. And, I find that having a routine really helps. I write poetry on the Metro on my way to work. Though, not that I have changed jobs and my commute shortened, I might have to start writing really short poems, hahaha. Btw, thanks for passing by and liking my poetry.

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  4. I try to keep my blog current by realizing that while I’ll probably never be some viral sensation lol, it is a place I care about. I too have walked away for a bit and realized that it had been quite a while since I posted, but I’ve found that the best way to get back into is just pick a topic that’s on your mind and just go for it.

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  5. Yes, I absolutely have been there! When I lost the domain on my website I thought I would never make any more videos or blog about Athens again. Itโ€™s hard when you lose subscribers that you have built up over quite a few years of effort and have to start again. I found an old blog I had started and never done anything with and I think I will try to re start there. Just jump in and do it! Wishing you the very best of luck ๐Ÿ˜€

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      1. I lost it because Iโ€™m not that organised and I just forgot to pay for it! One day the site was there, the next it wasnโ€™t and it looked as if someone else had bought almost immediately. I think it was made more complicated because I was using an old site building service that I donโ€™t think even exists any more. Luckily, I had stored most of my videos on YouTube and an external drive…

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  6. OMG yes!! I have been tiptoeing around my blog for FIVE years! And I still can’t seem to post all the time. But like someone said before, just accept that it is for your own enjoyment, and go from there.

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