Best Job? Worst Job?

Random question: What’s the best job you’ve had? Whats the worst job you’ve had? Did you learn anything from these work experiences?

Thanks in advance!

22 thoughts on “Best Job? Worst Job?

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  1. My best job was working in repertory theatre in the UK in the 1960s. Hard work but fun, it was weekly rep which meant a different play each week. rehearsing the next weeks play during the day and acting in the current one in the evening. I can’t even remember what I need to buy without a shopping list these days, I don’t know how I remembered all those lines…

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      1. A character name Ricky in ‘Rattle of a Simple Man’ was probably the best, there were a heap of plays. I fell in love, returned to Australia and became an interior designer…not too far removed from Acting…

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  2. I thought working at a movie theater was one of the coolest jobs I had. I learned that Star Wars is still in the running race of popular movies. 😀 But also I learned that people will actually fall asleep or vomit after a movie but you take the best with the worst life has to offer you. lol. 😀

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  3. Best job? Manager at AT&T. Worst? Two contenders: Working 96 hours a week at a cotton gin outside of Lubbock; or, working as a programmer for a company run by a dangerously paranoid individual who was being investigated by the IRS… again…

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      1. It was a great company with good benefits. The people who worked there felt secure and were happy and enthusiastic. Their Christmas party was out of this world: A movie for the kids, Santa Claus… my boss made her own chocolates… A lot of good memories…

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  4. Working with disabled person- especially with autistic kids/teens, made me smile (and still). It’s such a wonderful “job” and more a vocation.
    The worst job is no-job, in my eyes. Being jobless for a longer time makes people sad, hopeless, fearful and sick at the end.

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  5. My best job (before becoming a priest, of course) was way back in the day when I clerked for a Federal judge. I learned more than I had in three years of law school. My worst job was hustling CJA cases at D.C. Superior Court. Abusive judges, hostile prosecutors, low pay and, it turned out that all my clients were, in fact, criminals.

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  6. Best job was very temporary, but it was teaching kids how to crochet at the local Jo-Ann. I don’t know if I’d teach kids again per se, but I wouldn’t rule out teaching, even if it’s just teaching my crafting skills to people. Worst job is definitely the state of chronic unemployment I’m in now. It sucks. But I’m also the one attempting to keep our household running smoothly so that my dad isn’t too stressed out.

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  7. The best job I ever had was when I was an RN Case Manager for Hospice. I loved it so much. I learned countless things while taking care of patients at the end of their lives; not just from the patient but from the families, too. Serving people in that capacity was a great honor and there was a lot of autonomy to the job. It just occurred to me that I’ve been privileged enough to see life when it is first breathed and also to comfort and hold the hands of so many as they died.

    The worst job I ever had was transcribing insurance inspection reports. I love to type, so that wasn’t the problem. It was just so boring and many times, it was difficult to understand what they were saying. Oh, I just remembered this. One report I was transcribing, the agent kept saying “rock wilder” and I had no clue what he was saying. I was embarrassed to put “rock wilder” in the report because it just didn’t seem like he was saying the right thing. Finally, I figured out he was meaning to say “rottweiler.” I really hated that job. lol

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