Let’s See Where The Plane Takes Me

I probably shouldn’t get y’all’s hopes up. Sadly, I’m not going anywhere exciting, but I’ll still keep y’all updated on my trip!

But speaking of traveling, do y’all have any recommendations about where to travel to?

Let me know in the comments! Thanks in advance!

16 thoughts on “Let’s See Where The Plane Takes Me

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  1. Every American has to go Florida at least once in their life! Even Floridians should go to Florida at least once! 😂

    I think I’ve mentioned Orlando to you previously, but there are plenty of great vacation spots all over the state. You’ve got the Gulf coast in the Big Bend area (Northwest Florida near the Panhandle) that’s called the “Redneck Riviera”; for you history buffs, St. Augustine has some fantastic museums and historic sites (and plenty of beaches within driving distance); more rustic types will enjoy camping in the Ocala National Forest; coastal Central Florida has got Daytona Beach 🏖 and the Space Coast to the south, including Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center; on the other end of I-4 from Daytona Beach is the Tampa Bay area (Tampa, St. Pete, Bradenton, Sarasota); go south down the Gulf coast, you’ll come across the Naples-Ft. Myers-Sanibel Island area. And then, of course, is the mythical land that is the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area; now, I haven’t visited the Redneck Riviera or Sanibel Island, but Miami is something else entirely. I have never been to Miami, not once in my life. It is a part of Florida I’ve longed to visit for years, but it’s just never happened. The two parts of Florida I want to visit the most: Miami and The Keys. I hear there are a lot of things to do in the Keys, everything from snorkeling to camping on the beach to, of course, Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West with all those six-toed cats.

    And of course, our delicacies are: the Key Lime pie, the “Pub Sub” (a Publix sub, which most Floridians will say is even better than Subway) and its relative the Publix Fried Chicken, and of course…the Cuban Sandwich. Wash it down with some orange juice. 😁

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      1. Florida should really only be called The Sunshine State in the winter. In the summer it’s The Occasional Sunshine When It’s Not Blistering Hot or Dumping Lightning and Torrential Rain Every Afternoon State. 😆 And of course, we have all those weird news stories that could only happen in Florida. Not to mention we’ve been disowned by most of the rest of the South because of all the snowbirds and retirees that have come here from up north. When comedy duo Rhett and Link did a song about the various styles of southern barbecue, when they got to Florida…just dead silence.

        Florida natives like me are just used to all this.

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