Quote of the Day #27

“My mother and father used to call me Angelino when I was little. I’ve been called many names since then: Father Angelo, Chaplain Roncalli, Monsignor Roncalli, and Archbishop Roncalli. Titles are like a cold, I seem to catch one every few years!”

-Pope John XXIII

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    1. Oh of course! There was a quote by Pope John XXIII when he was still a cardinal. He went to the election (the election that he would win) and the cardinals were being assigned apartments (because they are locked in for as long as it takes until they elect a new pope). He was assigned the apartment that belonged to the commander of the Papal Swiss Guard so the sign on the door read “il commandante” he read this and turned to his fellow cardinals and asked “do you believe in omens?” He paused for a few seconds, winked and smiled, and said “I don’t, not me!”

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      1. From what I understand, the cardinal that the College of Cardinals is eventually supposed to select as Pope during the Conclave is the one who does not actively campaign for the job. I’m not religious in the slightest, but I’ve always found the papacy itself interesting to study (probably because my mother’s side of the family were Italian and Irish Catholics and as a result my mother was culturally Catholic even though she left the Church as an adult; her mother, my grandmother, remained culturally Catholic to the end even after she and my grandfather divorced in the 1970s). I remember following the coverage of John Paul II’s death (who up until that point was the only Pope during my lifetime) and the ensuing Conclave and election of Benedict XVI, and I remember following the coverage of the conclave and election of Francis as well. It’s such an antiquated ritual and I look upon it in awe every time.

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