How Do You Interact With Fellow Bloggers?

I got a question, y’all!

So how have y’all interacted with your fellow bloggers in the bloggerverse? Just comment on each other’s posts, or have you met up with them, video chatted with them, talked with them, swapped social media info?

I’m thinking of interacting with my fellow bloggers more but I’m not sure how? Part of me wants to do some cool video chat and post it on my Youtube page and we could talk about blogging, likes/dislikes about blogging, ect.

Any thoughts y’all?

Thanks in advance!

38 thoughts on “How Do You Interact With Fellow Bloggers?

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      1. I guess I do have some “big plans”. I’d like to get a decent readership and launch a podcast… I am in the process of applying to Ph.D programs in History, so I also plan on writing a few books on history subjects and the like. I don’t like the strict academic appeal, so I mostly want to appeal to a general audience, and I think developing one through the internet is more effective (and enjoyable) than trying more traditional routes.

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  1. I usually comment and like. Some of the more interesting bloggers I’ve come across on WordPress or Tumblr, I have ended up following on Instagram (no Twitter or YouTube channel from me, sorry), and there’s even been a couple of Instagram feeds whose bloggers I’ve ended up following on WordPress or Tumblr as a result. WordPress is where I usually end up doing my more serious writing, while my Tumblr kinda shows off my everyday personality, reblogging whatever amuses me or catches my eye.

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      1. It’s

        A lot of what you’ll see there is either cat pictures/videos/cute animals in general, me responding to something that one of my best friends has posted, random reblogs, fangirling, tons of Golden Girls related posts (either screencaps from my favorite screencapper or random quotes or conversations from whatever episode I happened to watch that morning), and the occasional Deadpool, Bob Ross, or food meme. It’s quite an eclectic collection!

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  2. I made a decision not to activate Comments. I figure if anyone really wants to exchange ideas and genuinely wants to discuss life, the universe and everything with me, I can be contacted by email via my blog. I have great exchanges this way, however, it doesn’t reach the wider WP audience. I do love watching vblogs and interviews. A good WP example of versatility is Little Fears and I love his humour.

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  3. Ike most people, I make comments and like other’s blogs, but if someone comments on my blog, I always reply. That sometimes gets a conversation going. I think Facebook and email are better for conversations, though, especially messenger.

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  4. Comments, likes and private messages with a few. Have traveled from Texas to Montreal to meet up with one blogger. Also, visited the area where another blogger lived and wrote about all the interesting things in the area. While in Europe the next year attempted to work out a time for a meetup but schedules could not be coordinated. Have received some snail mail from that particular blogger. Love how blogging can open up the world for this 71 year old person.

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  5. Fascinating reading the comments here. I don’t find myself having a lot of time really. I sort of hit the ground running in the early morning and find myself fitting in my blogging where I can and around events in life. But, I have always been fascinated by what others post. Just sort of have to blur right by most it and have come to treat my blog as a way of sharing recourses with my little girls and approximately two poems a day. I find myself in a weird position this past week where I don’t even have time to type up all the poems I have wrote. I have another 5 including a 3 and half page poem that I wrote today while listening to a sermon.. It’s about how the Devil afflicts people with depression and the like so that they will turn inward and away from things of God and that keeps us self afflicted. … As for plans for the future? Will national poem a day is right around the corner and I plan on taking a look at the series of fictional works that Harvard’s experts say that all people should have read. I think that will be a good series to go through for my little princesses. Thoughts on that? Keep up your interesting blog. But keep your focus on law school please.. eventually i’m going to need a good attorney. 😛

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  6. A lot of my interactions began with comments on articles that turned into conversations that moved to email to then expanded to meeting or calling or such – it’s cool to get to know other authors more and one way to spark those interactions is by inviting other bloggers to write a guest post or even just reblogging some of their work to share audiences. I think the best attitude to have is we’re all in this together – we’re not competing! Which makes you more willing to connect with those other bloggers out there.

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