Quote of the Day #28 (again!)

“Come out ye Black and Tans! Come out and fight me like a man!”

-Irish saying about the British soldiers wearing black and tan colored uniforms.

11 thoughts on “Quote of the Day #28 (again!)

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  1. Must be why Black and Tans are so popular in Irish pubs! They imagine they’re vanquishing British soldiers with every pint they down. — YUR

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  2. It pre-dates the “Black and Tan War”.. It originally referenced a pack of Foxhounds…the Black and Tans, a club in County Galway. Possibly coincidently British who served in the area 1917-1921 were awarded a service medal that had black and tan ribbons.

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      1. Are you by any chance at Texas State University in San Marcos. I delivered a History lecture there in February 2013.
        Go Bobcats!

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