Musicals Are Great!

I’m at a musical called bright star. It’s pretty good!

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  1. As a stagehand I kind of hated musicals. There were always so many costume changes, and none of the costumes smelled like they had seen the business side of a laundry room in, well, forever. Glad you’re enjoying the show, though!

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    1. When I worked in Rep in the UK in the 1960s, all the costumes for the current play would arrive in a huge wicker hamper. I think they must have come from Angels costume hire in London, they were sent the actors’ sizes, the characters they played and the play and everything arrived down to accessories, gloves, parasols or whatever.

      They were clean I’m pleased to say.

      Angels has been supplying costumes since the 1840s and are still going strong.

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      1. It’s by Andrew Lloyd Webber and is a sequel to “The Phantom of the Opera” which is my absolute favorite. It’s set in 1907, which is about 10 years after the end of the original Phantom.”

        Here is a brief synopsis from Wikipedia: “In the show, Christine Daaé is invited by an anonymous impresario to perform at Phantasma, a new attraction on Coney Island. With her husband Raoul and son Gustave in tow, she journeys to Brooklyn, unaware that it is actually “The Phantom” who has arranged her appearance in the popular beach resort.”

        Both musicals are very good.

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  2. My wife and I are taking our daughter to see this on Saturday, glad to hear it’s good. Think it’ll keep the attention of an (almost) 11 year old?

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