Number of Views Just Jumped!

I usually check my Stats page every so often and I checked it about 30 minutes ago to see I had about 25 views today. Sure enough, when I checked it again a few minutes ago, I had 135 views today! Gosh what a jump! It sure feels nice to know people are perusing my most humble corner of the Internet! 🙂

Has anyone else had a surprise when they looked at their stats page?

Let me know in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Number of Views Just Jumped!

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  1. I was happily surprised about my hit count. But I figure there are a lot of bots hitting my site. Not as bad as Tumblr though. On Tumblr, the bots add themselves as followers, making your follower count practically meaningless.

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      1. I don’t. Just a strong susipicion based on my experience with Tumblr and the fact that the “likes” I get don’t seem consistent with the hits. I also created a bot myself 🙄

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      2. I bot is a computer program. Because HTTP is an open protocol that transfers info as text, it’s easy to have the program repetively download web pages and scan them for useful information. Hundreds of web pages in a matter of minutes.

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