Anyone Here a Pinterest Expert?

How does pinterest work!?! I’m thinking about getting one but I have no idea how it works or how to get followers. Any advice?

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  1. Basically – it’s a bookmarking site. You can pin anything you like from recipes to quotes. You’re saving a site to visit again. It gets addictive, especially with recipes. I knew I had a problem when I’d pinned 27 links for tomato soup and I already have a kick ass recipe!! I’ve drifted away as it’s limiting for what I want. If I could organize alphabetically I’d like it better

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  2. It’s more about just filling your wall with crap that you want to see. I just pin things I want to save. Beware.. it sucks you in and then before you know it, 3hrs has gone by and somehow your looking at cute puppies in sweaters and still don’t have a good ham recipe. Just a warning..

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      1. I wouldn’t say it is lame. It has got loads to offer and you will find yourself lost in everything. You start looking for something and then everything looks so nice that you end up on something else. Twitter, Instagram are the already famous ones.

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  3. I had pininterest before but I don’t use it anymore. It is a good website/app if you are interested on a particular thing, e.g. food, wine, car, painting, D.I.Y., photography, etc. You can post whatever you plan sharing, I think it needs to have a photo like instagram, and the method or description. Also you can sell on the site and buy as well. And yes you can bookmark to save anything you are interested in so it’s easier for you to look back.

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      1. Your own stuff, not affiliate marketing (as far as I know). Affiliate marketing works on WordPress but not in Pininterest. I registered before but since I didn’t want my blog to be full of ads, I didn’t put any ads. Example of what I can sell in Pininterest, if I make my own greeting cards, I can sell them there, like ebay.

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      2. Haha.. well you should probably not make an account in Pininterest then unless you sre interested to follow someone so you can learn from their D.I.Y. or something.

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      3. I’m not an expert on that. Ha ha. I could imagine that you probably have made an account to all social media platform. Haha

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