So I decided to make a Pinterest! Here’s a link to it! I’m not really sure how it works but go check it out and give me a like and a follow (and tell me how the Hell it works!).

Happy Blogging!

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      1. Not the Ansgar Church. I know where it is but I’m never in that part of the city.
        Vor Frue Kirke (Our Lady) is in the Latin quarter right by the old university. In high school we would go there everything Christmas for the start of the holiday celebrations. It’s a beautiful church.

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  1. When inserting a link on WordPress I swap the editor over to HTML instead of visual and use this code

    first gap has your Web address, second one is a title which appears when a mouse is hovered over the link at the third is the text that will appear in your blog

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      1. I only ever use the HTML editor, even on the mobile app, I have more control over photo and video sizes lol bit OCD over things being the same size, still can’t fix images being smaller on the mobile format though

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  2. Pinterest is always my go-to for tons of inspiration! My link is on my blog.😊

    Btw- I’m Emily! I am a lifestyle blog that writes about a multitude of things such as relationships, life events, hauls, wedding planning, home decor, faith & MUCH MORE! Check it out!πŸ’– β€”

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