Crazy Lawyer Commercials: Thoughts, Anyone?

I love to watch those crazy lawyer commercials! Does anyone have any thoughts on those? Are there any well known lawyers in your area that make insane commercials trying to get clients?

Maybe I should do that someday? Maybeeeeeeeee

15 thoughts on “Crazy Lawyer Commercials: Thoughts, Anyone?

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  1. just my opinion but it all depends on what you’re doing law for. I guess I changed my thoughts on becoming an attorney when I met one too many lawyers who I doubted read anything they weren’t required to read. Weirdly, I originally thought that attorneys were suppose to be noble and bright and stellar citizens. So, I guess it depends on which image you want to have. Either way, I continue to wish you much success.

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  2. If there was one wish to come true, it has to be that someday, lawyer commercials would lower their craziness and start advertising like they mean it.-JW 😆

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