HQ Live Just Changed My Life!

HQ live is a application game show played from your phone. They usually offer a $2,500 cash prize split evenly between the winners.

Well…today, they offered $250,000 split between the winners. I was just sitting in my apartment when I got the notification and I was bored so I decided I’d play. I always get out on question 4 or 5, but not today. I didn’t think this game, which coincidentally was for much more money, would be any different. I’d get a few questions and then get out and go about my day. But today was different. Today only 12 people won. They split the money and came out with $20,000 each. And, I can’t believe I’m saying this, I’m happy to say….it wasn’t me!

I didn’t get out on question 4. I was so nervous I got out on question 3. So HQ Live did change my life today. It made me realize how I am actually getting dumber. 😂

2 thoughts on “HQ Live Just Changed My Life!

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  1. I think a lot of the people who do well in this game use Alexa, or one of those other tower contraptions. That question 4, or 5, is always something pretty out there, then the next few are a bit more reasonable. Then last ones are pretty tough. I played for a while, but I grew tired of both the format, and crapping out on 4 or 5. — YUR

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    1. It’s so true! Question 1 and 2 are always super easy. Then sometimes 3 is easy, but sometimes its hard. Question 4 is always difficult and the rest are moderate and the last are killer. Gosh I just repeated what you said but it is kinda formulaic.


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