My Vice: Napping

This is a public service announcement to all of my followers:


I nap too much.


That is all.

18 thoughts on “My Vice: Napping

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  1. I find this has happened more and more to me as I’ve been in my thirties. I don’t know if it’s from getting older or my losing sleep at night due to having to care for my mom when she’s dealing with sundowning. I find that standing up and keeping myself busy helps to combat the urge to fall asleep. The commenter who recommended walking is on to something here! Me being a homemaker, my activity usually involves cooking, washing dishes, or doing laundry…lately, though, I have been trying to get through the tedium of something like washing dishes by setting up my iPad (I don’t have a cell phone) on its kickstand on the kitchen counter (but away from where water would get on it), opening up my Pandora app, and selecting a station (usually something I can dance to, either β€˜80s music, current music, or as I did yesterday…’90s dance music, which has a lot of house music and Eurodance that I remember hearing on the radio πŸ“» as a kid in the mid-1990s). You should have seen me dancing to Haddaway while cleaning our drinking glasses yesterday…it was quite a sight!

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