Hell Doesn’t Exist!

Is the pope Catholic? Well, during the most important week of the Christian year, maybe not! In an interview with an Italian reporter the pope apparently denied the existence of hell. The Vatican exploded (almost literally). Everyone with a microphone and a red or purple hat quickly said the interviewer took no notes and didn’t record the interview and doctored up the Pope’s words.

What are y’alls thoughts on this? All are welcome to offer their opinion, Christian and non-Christian alike!

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  1. I’m not majorly religious and I know Pope Francis is considered more progressive than past Popes, having said that I doubt he’d say Hell doesn’t exist when it’s one of the biggest concepts of his faith. That’s just my take 😊

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  2. That’s really interesting! I’ve also heard he is more progressive than past popes. I think, as bold as it would be on his part, it’s certainly plausible that he said it. A few years back there was a largely known Christian figure named Rob Bell that came out with a book called “Love Wins” basically stating there was no hell because love conquers all. A large population of Christians in America were pretty upset by it and he got reamed. That being said, there certainly seems to be an uprising of those that are backing this “love conquers all” stance! Good post! If it applies to you, Happy Easter!!

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  3. I think everything we read needs to be studied. Former Secretary of State Collin Powell wrote in his book My American Journey, “Never believe the first thing you hear.” And he also wrote, “Dig up all the information you can, then go with your instincts.” These days, the same story is written completely different depending on the author, and so we find ourselves having to dig up all we can on the authors as well. I would add to Powell’s first quote, “Never believe the first thing you hear, even if it’s what you want to hear.”
    I think this Pope might have said it, and might have not said it. I also don’t think it’s important enough to waste any time on it, when there are so many more important things to care about and focus on. It’s not something that makes or breaks my respect or admiration. My admiration does not depend upon perfection, or perfect alignment with how I think or believe, but upon how we treat each other as fellow human beings.
    On the other hand! I can totally see how something like this would ruffle some feathers, and it’s a very interesting question, so interesting that I’ve read some articles. Thanks for bringing it up!

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  4. Hell is what our conscience will do to us once our life is out in the open, and is compared with the pure nature of love. It is also recognised as the experience of the consciousness of missing out on experiencing that love, knowing that it will be forever removed from you.

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  5. Hell exists at the office I work at. Kidding (sort of) aside I haven’t thought about hell since the nuns put the fear of it in us when I was in Catechism. By the same token I haven’t thought about heaven either. I guess I focus on trying to be a good and just person while I’m on this Earth. If I’ve done a good job of that then anything beyond my earthly life will sort itself out. I certainly believe that there must be something, an existing spirit, of some sort, that exists eternally. I guess it all boils down to the old goal setting adage that I used to teach the athletes I coached. Concentrate on your immediate work and the championship goal at the end will follow.
    And thank you very much for visiting my post on Yellowstoine.

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  6. Read his encyclicals. This pope spends more time quoting Marxist thinkers and paraphrasing their ideologies than he does on expounding on Christian theology. He has said that religions are equal before. And this is not the first time that I’ve read that he has said there is no Hell. If he had said something like there is some disagreement as to whether there is a literal Hell or simply separation from God is Hell, that might reasonably in correspondence with the Bible.

    My take for the little it’s worth having read his works prior to becoming a pope and after he became one, I find it believable that he said this. Sorry to all Catholics that I just offended. In my behalf, I would ask that you read what this guy has written. Then please compare it to the Bible.

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  7. No hell below us, above us only sky …. imagine, yeppers, I am a life long follower of Jesus. As for the Pope having Marxist views, early Christians willingly shared their resources. I would put forth this was not a requirement but a response to seeing with a new outlook the needs of the world around them. Like scales falling from one’s eyes. Giving and sharing from pure Love and not fear of hell nor hope of heaven. Selling all one’s possessions and sharing the profits with others and those in need seems would eventually lead to a time when one’s self becomes the needy. Not worrying about one’s future needs believing The Creator will provide. All this thinking is giving me a headache.

    Easter Blessings for you, TLS. janice

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