Is Christianity a Myth?

Insights by Rene Girard. Give it a watch! It’s only a 3 minute video.

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  1. “A truth which is anthropological before being religious.” This is an awesome post. I am obsessed with religion and mythology. I’m an amateur due to not studying in school, but after researching many myths and reading the works of Joseph Campbell(not a Christian) and C.S. Lewis, I’m in love with the fact that all myth from all cultures is essentially the same…the human need to tell the story of human nature through metaphorical “hero” inages. But, as C.S. Lewis said, Jesus IS a myth…but he is the only TRUE myth, the only dying God story that actually took place in history. And all of the resurrected deities of legend that preceded Christ were almost pagan prophecies in a way, as if something within the human spirit compelled the makers of myth to construct dream like versions of the events that would one day happen in history. If you’re interested in that kind of thing, you might like one of my blog posts called “Death: a Layman’s Analysis”.

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