What is Ko-fi?

What is Ko-fi? I’ve perused a few pages and it’s like you can make an account and people can go to you site and do….stuff? I don’t know. Like it says people can tip you the price of a coffee so like a few dollars. Would anyone have an account like that and would anyone tip anyone using that site?

Thanks in advance y’all!

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  1. I see many blog’s who have it. I’ve read it cost $3.00 and it is all tips, not for coffee. People can tip more than that, I believe. It is for those who are self-publishing authors. That is what I have noticed.

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      1. In my opinion, it is for those who strive to be writers, solely, like as their profession. I could be wrong. The thought has crossed my mind because what could it hurt but I decided against it because my following is small.

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  2. Hi. 🙂 I use Ko-Fi. It’s a way people who appreciate what you write/share can make a micro-donation. When they donate, the money goes into your PayPal account. I use all proceeds from my Ko-Fi toward the yearly costs of running my site as I’m self-hosted. I don’t make a lot of money or anything, but I do get a donation now and again. 🙂

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