What’s Up With Movie Tickets

I don’t get it…I get one ticket for a movie (seeing a movie by myself, don’t hate) and I get this?

Why on earth do I get a thousand little raffle ticket things if I’m only getting one ticket?! Shoutout to all of you who have 3 or more kids. You must get a whole stack of these things!

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26 thoughts on “What’s Up With Movie Tickets

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  1. Never seen a ticket like that before (ticket and receipt all in one?), but sometimes yourself is the best date out there! You already know what you like, you know yourself like the back of your hand, and you know you’re gonna have a good time without having to worry about another person.

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  2. It’s no big deal, seeing a movie by yourself. If you’re in the cinema you can’t have a chat about it. You’d get abuse from others/
    And what a weird ticket! We’re taking the grandkids to the movies next week. Got a number to put into the machine at the cinema. what’s wrong with the good old boxoffice? Go up to a window, ask a REAL PERSON what you want and hand over the money in return for a simple little bit of paper.
    Seems to me we’re making things more complicated instead of easier. What do all those words on your ticket mean?

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      1. Ah man, what a bummer. I’m actually not all up to date with movies as of late. Been living under a rock with my board prep. But I like dollar theaters when I do go. . . That way I can look up reviews for things already out 😂

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