I have 2,000 followers! Wow! I can’t believe there are that many people that care about what I have to say or care about my silly YouTube videos! But thanks y’all! It’s been a fun ride and I’ve enjoyed getting to know so many of you.

Here’s to 2,000 more!

Buy Me A Coffee? (After all, I did just get 2000 followers!)

49 thoughts on “2,000 Followers!

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      1. I tend to post more on a weekly basis, mostly so I can focus on substance in each post. I like to write my posts like short essays on whatever the topic is about: life and knitting posts are more narrative, but others are just exploratory essays on different topics that I encounter or find inspiration for. I kind of borrow from a favorite blogger of mine, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (β€œYarn Harlot”), when it comes to style, but she is much better at writing about it than I am. Mine tend to come out more in stream of consciousness style.

        I haven’t been able to get more yarn for projects lately, but I do have several books queued up in my β€œTo Read” list, so I should have five or six books’ worth of posts in my future…just not all at once. πŸ™ƒ

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      2. I think I’ve only taken hiatuses longer than two weeks twice since starting my blog last year: the first was because the tablet I was using to post at the time crapped out and basically died (or more precisely the battery stopped taking a charge), although that has since been replaced (and the hiatus lasted about a month, but was indefinite at the time), and the second was due to extreme blogger’s block. Generally, though, about every week or two has been good enough spacing for me.

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