Who knows something about Tumblr? Anyone? I have no idea how Tumblr works so I’m trying to see if I should make an account!

Thanks in advance, y’all!

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  1. it is another social outlet where you can follow blogs, post your own written work, images, videos etc. it is a great way of connecting with others based on similar interests. you customise your own blog which you can post your own content on or “reblog” other’s contents on to it. v similar to wordpress. takes some getting used to but i would say it is worth it. a lot of my good friends are individuals i met on tumblr. (: it’s been a great experience for me. i hope it is for you.

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  2. Its an excellent way to gain viewers for niche groups and topics much like wordpress however, I find more experts here and more people with deep interest there (some who do both). It’s actually set up quite similarly to wordpress in terms of posting and viewing but it has a little more of a twitter ambience in terms of the wide range of viewers and posters.

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  3. Yeah, I agree with most of the other comments. It’s a social media platform that seems to take some of the traits of both Facebook and Twitter. It has one big drawback (IMHO) that you don’t have as much control in the control panel. Facebook and Twitter give you the option that not every vid in your feed will autoload. I haven’t found a way to do that with Tumbler.

    As far as blogging platforms, I like WordPress better. As far as social media platforms, I like the combination of Facebook and Twitter better. Tumbler’s strength (IMHO) is its ability to share other things you find around the web. But the community seems hard to break into. I only have a small following there, (course that seems to be business as usual for me). It’s good enough to make it worth a try.

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  4. I watched a movie last night that was saying Tumblr is for lesbians looking to hook up. 😂
    I have an account but am NOT a lesbian and haven’t been on there in a few years because I prefer WordPress. If you make one, have fun with it! I’ve seen a ton of fan fiction on there as well as animal videos.

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  5. I have a main Tumblr which I use for my Judy Garland obsession LOL (http://booomcha.tumblr.com/) and then I have a few side-blogs or side-tumblrs, each with their own theme (Anne of Green Gables, my sims tumblr, one I use to just post and re-blog aesthetically pleasing photos, etc.).

    You will find Tumblrs that focus on a favorite TV show (like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, etc), or musicals, or art, or just about anything. And then, some Tumblrs are just whatever the person likes and not themed at all.

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  6. Great post and great replies, was posing the same question before I searched!! Have set up an account but plan ultimately to mirror my WordPress output to try and widen my audience. Here goes….

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