The Best Candy!

I love Crunch bars. That is all.

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19 thoughts on “The Best Candy!

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  1. Hey dude, thanks for the like on my NASCARTICLE, figure this was a good as place as any to drop in!

    How do you feel about Crackle (vs. Crunch)? I’m a big time Mr. Goodbar guy, but I found that I can buy a box of Goobers (for a buck) and have almost the same experience for far less money spent (a giant Mr. Goodbard is like $2.79 or something. And has chocolate shavings, oh no!)

    Are you old enough to remember Peanut Butter Snickers? I’m guessing no. They were around in the 80’s, gosh darn it, I wish they’d bring those back properly. Those new things are NOT them. Nutrageous filled the gap that they left (for me), and I’ve been riding those things since. They went away for a little while a few years ago, but they’re back. NUTRAGEOUS. Fun to eat, fun to say. Yep!

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      1. Oh yes, they were great. If you want to dig around yourself, the ones I’m talking about came with a red / dark orange wrapper. So gooooood.

        Now Crunch (and some folks commented above), is there a Dark Chocolate variety? That I’d like to try!

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  2. They say chocolate eating chocolate increases chances of higher grades. 😛 Well, they said dark chocolate but of course we shouldn’t discriminate!

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