Tumblr (part 2)

I got a tumblr and within two minutes hated it. Anyone else have that same feeling?

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  1. I find Tumblr easier and it’s free except for the one time charge for a premium theme. WordPress is obviously for creating a website, not a simple blog. I think settings in WordPress are ridiculously complicated. The only reason I’m on WP is post via email and Tumblr stopped supporting that.

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      1. On either platform, knowledge of CSS is required for any significant customization, which in turn requires good documentation for your theme. However, theme documention is poor so I end up doing a lot of hacking. Fine if you enjoy that kind of thing. You have to pay a premium to get CSS on WordPress, not on Tumblr. In fact, a lot of the cool stuff done on WordPress requires the expensive business plan or providing your own website host or both.

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      2. Dude, if you’re serious about having a website for your law firm, you should probably pay one of your software geek friends to develop it. If you’re just in it for social interaction, go for whichever gets you the most ACTIVE followers.

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