I Hate iPhones!

So I recorded a few conversations of me and a friend FaceTiming and we were thinking of uploading some of it to YouTube….turns out, you can record the screen while FaceTiming but it DOES NOT record the audio! Come on, Apple! What’s up with that?!

5 thoughts on “I Hate iPhones!

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  1. I’m an android man, to many constraints and limitations with iPhones, with android there’s always a work around somewhere and the hardware seems better, memory card slots, USB on the go, I’ve used external hard drives, flash drives, keyboards and a mouse, 23 mega pixel rear camera and 16 front which is great for vlogging combined with 1080p video recording

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      1. I post news stories using “publishing software” I created with Tasker. It takes less than 2 minutes to snag a story from my news reader, download a pic for the story and post to WordPress. Then WordPress automatically reposts the story on Facebook. Indeed it is VERY COOL.

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