I went on an adult field trip: Petco! I love this place! Maybe….maybeeeeee I’ll get a pet for my apartment! Any ideas y’all?

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  1. If you don’t mind cleaning a cat box every day (they are naturally very clean and hate dirty boxes like we hate unflushed toilets ) and you want a true companion, get a cat. ( If you have an allergy, you can comb it with distilled water to neutralize the dander. ‘Works with any furbearing animal) Most of us aren’t allergic. If you don’t have kids, consider a ferret. They are such characters…so funny and happy. They can be house trained (newspaper in a corner when it’s running free. A litter box in a roomy cage) But, they communicate by biting! As a member of the weasel family, they have sharp teeth but never use them to be vicious. They steal things…shoes ,socks , wallets etc. One of mine stole a pair of binoculars and took them to his “thieves den” behind the hot water heater in the basement. They must, like cats and dogs, be neutered or spayed. When they are, the scent glands that make them ” musky fragrant” are removed. They can be bathed in a sink when needed. I suggest the brown coated rather than the white. For some reason, their personalities are better. If you don’t mind daily feeding and watering and cage cleaning every few days, a parakeet can be fun. Green and yellow will learn to speak words; blue, not so good at speaking.
    Dogs are high maintenance. Walks several times a day, etc.
    The animal shelter has many wonderful grownup cats (and other pets) that have lost their homes and would love a new human friend to love them. We’ve been very happy with pets found at what we ca “the orphanage”. You’ll know when the right one comes into your life. There will be a special feeling when you meet the right one. It won’t be an impulsive decision. Good luck in your search. Blessings, Sandra

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