North and South Korea

What are everyone’s thoughts on the recent meeting between North Korean and South Korean leaders? Kim Jung Un went to South Korea and the countries had talks about denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Is this good or bad? Is Kim Jung Un playing games or is it a sincere gesture? Some say that this will be a victory for President Trump while others say he is being played for a fool.

What are everyone’s thoughts?

12 thoughts on “North and South Korea

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  1. I think it’s good that the two Koreas are at least talking, but I can’t help but think that Kim Jong-un is playing mind games just like any other dictator. It’s like the scene in SpaceBalls where Lone Star and Dark Helmet are dueling with their Schwartzes and at one point Lone Star loses his ring that he’s supposed to use to deploy his Schwartz-Saber, and then Dark Helmet picks it up, only to “drop” it into a drain grate. Something tells me that Kim Jong-un will “drop” the ring at some point.

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  2. Overall, I wouldn’t trust Kim Jung Un. He’s conducted himself and his country with all the temperament and patience of a 5-year-old wielding his dad’s gun. He has no respect for the lives of his own people, much less for the lives of other countries’ citizens. I think, frankly, that he has a specific agenda for global dictatorship, and this might be first step. He loves power, but has no respect for it and nor does he take personal responsibility for his actions. I think he’s out to play the South Koreans, as well as President Trump, for fools–and maybe they are just that. But, one thing is for certain: if the Korean Peninsula is denuclearized, old Kim will have an ace up his sleeve. He may act stupid–he may even look stupid–but he’s not stupid. May the whole world be alert and ready.

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  3. Anything is better than the status quo. Impossible to believe that the north will give its nuclear weapons, but you would think to join the civilized world would be a welcoming option. Kim loves to eat, now maybe his people can too!

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  4. It would be nice to think that this new generation of Korean leaders has decided to move away from the negative division of their fathers and grandfathers. Surely, there is much to be gained by N.K. and S.K. if they create some sort of unity. Perhaps, they are concerned about the unstable American leadership and sense a need to make their own moves toward one another to avoid foolhardy intervention that could create an unnecessary war. That being said, the Chinese connection to N.K. must also be considered. We will wait, see…and pray for peace.

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  5. There’s a military saying that goes, “Hope for the best; Prepare for the worst.” From the information we have, these are all good signs. On the other hand, Kim Jung Un has not proven we can trust him. Maybe we can, but what evidence do we have that we can do so?

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