Laurel vs. Yanny

Apparently there is this thing going viral on the Internet about the words Laurel and Yanny. A voice says a name and the listener has to decide if he is saying Laurel or Yanny. Easy, right? Well, normal, reasonable people like me hear Laurel, but I’ll talk to my New Zealand friend and I’m sure she’ll say something crazy like she hears Yanny!! Haha anyway I think this is another one of those blue and black or white and gold dress things. For the record, the dress was blue and black!!!

Check out my video below for the explanation!

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  1. I think frequency and sound settings may have something to do with it.

    On the tweet where I first saw it, I clearly heard “Laurel”. But this morning on The Wendy Williams Show, they played a recording on there during her Hot Topics segment and that time I clearly heard “Yanny”.

    Here’s an article talking about the science behind it:

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