Santa Fe Shooting: Gun Control?

Is it time to have a gun control conversation in light of the most recent school shooting? Some say yes, some say no, it’s not time for politics. What do y’all think? How can we come together and honestly and sincerely combat violence in our communities?

Let me know what y’all think in the comments.

As for me, I will search for real solutions and, as always, continue to pray.



19 thoughts on “Santa Fe Shooting: Gun Control?

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  1. Texas Law Student, I suppose you notice AGAIN, that no reason is given for this gutless attack. The biased media, and the MONEY whip that controls what the Lemmings hear and read, really don’t want anyone hearing that this poor POS was most probably Bullyed every waking minute, just the same as all these Children committing suicide.
    NOW, what’s to talk about politics???? Our forefathers laid this out in stone. OH, but then the Supreme Court steps WAY OUT of their job description, and suddenly they did what only Law makers are supposed to do.
    It’s time to wake up before a major part of these idiots run off a cliff into the sea.
    The swamp isn’t BLUE, nor RED, it is very close to an equal mixture.
    Let’s look at this without the BS colored glasses.
    NOW, how many people have been KILLED by guns this year, and don’t pull an Obama and lie in the suicides.
    OK, this year alone 10,000,000 young people, ages 13-23, with contract one (1) or more STI or STD.
    This year alone about 1,000,000 Babies will be murdered very brutally by abortion, then their fetal tissue and viable organs will be sold illegally, for fetal tissue research, and the organs will be for VERY ILLEGAL TRANSPLANTS, which will pay planned parenthood about $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 a day.
    SO, just how does these few deaths even come near these two listed above.

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      1. TexasLawStudent, you’re welcome.
        The truth is that it makes me sick to think about.
        There are people in this world that would not arm themselves with anything, for fear of having to use it.
        Yet here we have people that fire rockets over on people waiting at a bus stop. Or park a vehicle in front of a federal building and….
        My new, young Friend does any of this make any sense to you????
        It doesn’t make a bit of sense to me. What is wrong with people, why would anyone want to hurt someone for no reason.
        And just so you and everyone knows, molesting a Child is no different, the productive part of them and their future is taken from them, and few people see anything wrong with that.
        We have allowed Our Country to take Our Children’s rights away.
        THAT should give you a real eye opening clue as to what a major part of our neighbors really are, and that is something lower than sewer rats.
        You keep up the good work,

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  2. Mate, as a confirmed member of the ‘rest of the world’ that continues to look on in resigned bafflement that there is even a debate still to be had here, I don’t propose to enter into any argument as I recognise that the only solution or progress in this can only come from America and Americans themselves. All I will say personally is that I believe there is no right…Christian, moral, defence…or regulation that justifies retaining a right to kill another human being and remove their right to life.

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  3. I don’t see how we’ve remained so steadfast in fighting gun reform! I think it’s absolutely necessary, but you can’t just tighten gun laws and expect things to improve. If people really want guns they can’t legally get,they’ll find a way. I feel like we need gun reform AND a tightened effort to invest in mental health programs, as well as antibullying campaigns. Everyone has to be willing to adjust to see any difference! Don’t get me started on the need for parent involvement with the children turning to violence. I don’t want to trigger anyone😅

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  4. I sincerely believe there should be gun liability insurance for gun owners. I, also, think that owners of guns should be held liable when their weapons are used in a crime. I have to carry liability insurance on my auto. I am required to have renters insurance in order to live in my apartment that covers the loss of others property. This is just one step. Personally I would like to see a reduction in the ease of availability of guns but I do not see that happening in the US in my lifetime.


  5. After what happened in South Florida a couple of months ago, my heart is just breaking 💔. I’d like to see tighter gun control laws (I’m fine with someone getting a gun to defend themselves if needed, though), stricter background checks, perhaps even a ban on large capacity magazines. Liability insurance for gun owners sounds like a good idea, too, especially since it looks like the guns used in the Texas shooting were stolen by the shooter from his own father. The political climate and gun culture here is such that realistically getting any gun control like you see in places like the UK or Australia is just not going to happen. So why don’t we start with things we can at least agree on, like the background checks and mental health screenings? (Or better yet, helping to provide better access to mental health care?)

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  6. Personally I feel that if someone can’t be trusted with a firearm they can’t be trusted with a knife, automobile, or a vote. Perhaps we should simply get sociopaths/ psychopaths off our streets and out of our schools. The same kid who murdered his classmates yesterday, sat in class with them every day before that.
    Who is OK with their child being forced to interact with such a person?

    As far as “gun control,” that will never happen.
    It’s a waste of time to even discuss it.
    Firearms not only represent freedom, they are freedom and I must disagree with the previous poster; There are PLENTY of reasons “Christian, moral, defensive,” and a right for retaining the ability to “kill another human being and remove their right to life.”

    Schools should be “hardened” targets, kids should be taught how to react, and we should END “lock-downs.” Locking kids in with the killer is stupid. Kids are fast, and moving targets are more difficult to hit…unlock the doors and let them loose. With the recent number of shootings, teachers caught raping students, and poor performance perhaps it’s time to look at dismantling the public school system and going to some sort of on-line academies. Cramming good kids in with bad kids often leads to the entire group devolving to the lowest common denominator.
    And teach THIS:

    Many argue about the “need” for semi-automatic weapons. First note that “need” has nothing to do with our rights. Then consider that such a “need” most assuredly exists, and has been demonstrated repeatedly. I can think of several instance when a semi-auto is exactly what is “needed.”

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  7. Banning guns just leads to higher incidents in crime in other categories, like break-in’s, muggings, stabbings, and so on and so forth.

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