Theism or Atheism? God or Not?

Hey y’all!

Do y’all feel that religion is on the decline? Are people just as religious as ever or do people really believe less? Maybe people go to church less or are less inclined to be part of an established religion, but maybe their belief in a god is a strong as ever.

Any thoughts on this, y’all? Maybe it’s a generational thing or maybe it’s a fad. Or, and this should also be considered, maybe religion is finally breathing it’s last breath.

Would love to hear about your own thoughts and opinions about religion for yourself and what you see around you!

29 thoughts on “Theism or Atheism? God or Not?

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  1. Personally, I feel like people have gotten wrapped up in their own lives that they no longer attend church services regularly. On the flip side, I’ve also known people who just go to church and worship whenever they’re having difficult times at work or they really just want something. Isn’t that sad?

    As for me, I converted my religion from Christianity because the values I had growing up have completely changed and I no longer agree to things that are being preached. I converted to Buddhism although I can’t say I’m a true Buddhist. the ideology behind it is something I can support

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      1. I’m still learning about it, but I love the peaceful aspect and how everything balances out. Its helped me with my stress levels too haha

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  2. Millennials are becoming less religious compared to previous generations as whole, for a variety of reasons. I am one of those Millennials, having identified as some form of atheist since I was 16. However, for the last year or two I’ve preferred the label “humanist atheist”, which I think does a good job of incorporating my worldview as well as how I perceive the existence or influence of deities. “Humanist” basically means I value the human spirit and human potential and I place a lot of value on critical thinking and being able to back things up with evidence rather than leaving answers up to religious dogma or scripture. As for the atheist part, I don’t believe that any deities or sentient outside forces have any effect on the creation and functioning of our observable universe, and to date I have seen nothing that proves that any deities have. Our physics are back up by mathematics, we acknowledge the existence and role of gravity in our universe, and we’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that atoms exist and that they themselves are made up of particles that are the building blocks of matter in the universe. And we know that DNA (which itself is made of atoms) is a driving force in the creation of organisms and the evolution of species throughout the existence of our planet. There is still a lot more out there to learn (dark matter, extraterrestrial life, other universes and multiverses), but that’s the beautiful thing about science and the scientific method!

    I don’t like how politicized religion has become in my lifetime (a big reason why I left religion altogether), but I also believe in respecting the beliefs of others, and I do not try to actively convert anybody. And my atheism doesn’t stop me from learning about religion and its influence on world history (as evidenced by my interest in papal history and the like, but I also try to learn as much as I can about all the different religions out there, including learning about Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam and their effects on world history).

    I promise you, we atheists aren’t evil! We live lives as equally boring and mundane as those who believe. 😁😆😃

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  3. I think a big factor playing into the decline of religion is the belief that “im spiritual not religious ” . In fact, Christians have their own caricature of this belief when they say things such as “Jesus not religion “, “relationship mot religion ” or “all I need is faith in Jesus” which totally dismisses any religious practices of Christianity, a Church, and strings attached with believing in God. This is something I plan on writing about in my next post and how that’s totally contrary to how the early Church and Christianity was intended to operate. I dislike the of lone ranger Christianity.

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  4. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.” My paraphrase of Matthew 22:37,30. This is the internal of true religion’s externals. This is the relationship with our Creator God through His Son Jesus Christ that produces the externals call true religion. We are all religious, living out what we believe, that which is in our hearts.

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  5. First, most of your commentators seem to equate ‘religion’ with ‘Christianity.’ (All except the Buddhist.) I would say that, in my experience, which is purely subjective and not based on any ‘facts’ that I know for sure, Christianity is declining. Having said that, extreme ‘Christianity’, which in my experience, is based very little on the teachings of Jesus, seems to be gaining a hold.

    Religion is gaining a bad reputation thanks to these people and the extremists in other religions. I have heard of young people who want to leave their religion being beaten, and in one case, so badly that he died. This was a supposed Christian community, not extreme Islam.

    Personally, I think that organised religion is as much to blame for this. You get one extreme priest, minister, imam, rabbi etc and it spreads. People are programmed to believe these people. They think that because they have been ordained into a religion they must know the ‘truth’. The false ideas then spread, and the community forms a spiral where they cycle round and round, getting more and more extreme.

    There are people who go to church who do not believe in God. Why do they go? It makes them look good in the eyes of those who they want to impress, and also some go for social reasons. Equally, there are those who believe in God who don’t go to church. Why? Because the church is full of hypocrites. (I’m not suggesting all who go are hypocrites, but a goodly number are, and I speak from personal experience. This is the reason I stopped going.)


  6. To be honest, there isn’t a decline in religion. In fact, there is too much of it. There is, however, a lack of faith. People state that they are part of a religion for statistical purposes but never let it change their lives. So the issue isn’t religion. it’s faith. jesus predicted this in the Bible, that in the last days there will be a lack of faith.

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  7. When you ask this question (based on folk’s personal experience) to a wide variety of people, you will always get a debate. Someone who isn’t attending Church (or is mindset against it) is usually surrounded by like minded individuals. Likewise, a regular attender of Church is usually surrounded by a congregation attending Church regularly. Each one will give an answer based on the habits of those around them. Studies done for the last 30 years show a decline in Church attendance but still reveal that about 40% of Americans claim to attend Church regularly. Even though only about 20% of Americans actually do attend Church regularly, the population of USA is over 325000000. That means about 65 million people are regular Church goers, and even more feel that they should be.

    Due to health issues, I can’t attend Church regularly anymore, but I watch Church services on television. I also tithe regularly to the Church providing those sermons. I used to attend regularly (when I could) and would still do so if I were able. 🙂

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  8. Well, my family and extended family has 4 ministers. Among that same group are atheists, agnostics, faith filled believers, Buddhists and Hindu. When I look around the area where I live there are other faiths represented, too.
    Faith, as already stated in one of the comments is different than religion. From my perspective there is a decline in the belief in God as creator and lord of all. Part of that is the feeling of miracles being a form of magic. One pastor decades ago suggested the miracle of the loaves and fishes was not that Jesus could himself multiple these physical things. Rather the example of the small boy being inspired by Jesus teachings to share inspired others to share, likewise. In this day where we humans become obsessed with protecting and keeping to ourselves getting people to give up something so others are cared for would be a real miracle. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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  9. You raised an interesting question and it looks like you’ve gotten a variety of answers.Is Christianity declining? I’m not sure. Belonging to a fundamental Christian group — joined as an adult — I see a lot of Christian people and churches being established. Sine I grew up in a non-Christian setting, I see a lot more now than I ever saw then.n So maybe a person’s viewpoint is affected by where they spend their time.
    What I find REALLY growing in North America is the interest in paranormal, bizarre supernatural, even outright demonic beliefs. A person may not believe in a Creator God, but they’ll believe in angels or some other supernatural beings.

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