Star Wars: Solo (Spoilers)

So I just saw the movie Solo. Wonderful movie! I loved it and thought it was way better than The Last Jedi and on par with Rogue One and The Force Awakens. Here are a few thoughts:

1) The Nose of the Millennium Falcon! For 50 years, we have all believed that the Millennium Falcon was fully intact (albeit sometimes Chewbacca needed to pound the hood to get it to start). But apparently we were all wrong! It was missing the front piece which is an escape pod on the YT-1300. Who knew?! I don’t know if the added escape pod was thought up before Solo because in the Force Awakens Han says to Chewie to put Rey and Finn in a pod (meaning the escape pod which has been attached in years?)

2) Harrison Ford didn’t make an appearance. I thought for sure Harrison Ford would either make a cameo or the movie would either be a flashback with Harrison Ford reminiscing or it would flash forward to Han Solo on Tatooine about to meet Luke and Ben Kenobi. Guess I was wrong. Sadly, no Harrison Ford to be found.

3) Darth Maul. I freaked out when I saw Darth Maul. I could not believe that the Expanded Universe idea came true of a half droid Darth Maul. Darth Maul is back with his two sided lightsaber and there’s no telling what will come next. Obviously there will be a sequel. I wonder how this will play into the larger story line. For instance, if in the next Solo movie, Han gets into a fight with new Darth Maul, won’t it be odd that he just so happens to run into Obi-Wan Kenobi and it never comes up in conversation that they both encountered the same Zabrak with a double sided lightsaber? Or how does it play into Palpatine and Darth Vader which around around somewhere building up the empire? Will Maul try to reconnect with his old master? Who knows? But I can’t wait to see.

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