Friends, Romans, Countrymen!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, (and fellow bloggers!) lend me your ears!

Sorry I’ve been super busy the last month or so and I haven’t had any time to post stuff! I promise I’ll get back on the horse and post a new video and continue with the Quotes of the Day soon!

How is everyone else? Any milestones for y’all? Milestones in the blogging world? Milestones in life? Updates! Give me something, y’all!!

Anyway, I’ll check back in soon!

21 thoughts on “Friends, Romans, Countrymen!

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      1. Man, I would have loved to do that. I know it’s a sacred ritual of the west but it’s not very common in India. I am taking a year off to study on my own and figure things out. 😁👍

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  1. Got 70 followers here on WordPress, and I’m almost at 100 followers on Instagram! Not bad for someone who’s not a social media maven! I also got some more yarn for a couple of different projects and I added a couple of books to my book collection (both things I’ll probably write about on my blog within the next couple of days).

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      1. I include hashtags in my posts that may get the attention of potential followers: usually #knitting or #yarn for knitting related posts, #mydogroxy for posts featuring my dog, #books or #bookstagram for book-related posts, and then some silly/wildcard ones for random posts. There are a handful of hashtags that I follow that bring up relevant posts in my feed as well (mostly to do with cats), and I find feeds to follow from that. There have been some bot followers, though, which Instagram has done a good job of purging, so I haven’t stayed above the 100 follower threshold yet. Do you have an Instagram? I’ll gladly follow yours if you do.

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