Post Long Overdue!

My New Zealand friend looking cute (and blurry)! Lol! I’ll let y’all know when I finally make it out to New Zealand.

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  1. She’s lovely. I’ve had the urge to go to New Zealand on and off since I was a teenager. The landscape and cityscapes are beautiful and the people seem kind and incredible. (I’ve never met a Kiwi in person, but back when my dad used to work as a taxi driver in Orlando, one of his most memorable positive customers was a guy from Auckland who was vacationing with his family. My dad kinda served as their tour guide while he was ferrying them around Orlando. The guy was so impressed with him that he actually *gave* my dad his address and contact information in Auckland! And my dad actually kept a hold of that address in his contacts for many years, but has sadly since lost track of it.)

    We’ve all met interesting people through blogging (I think you said you met her through blogging, right?), and some stick out more than others. I’d say the two bloggers I’ve met through blogging that I would love to meet in person the most live far away from me; one lives in Kentucky, the other in England. That won’t happen right now, but I always think it’s cool when people meet,

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  2. Went to NZ and was totally worth it, I’d love to go there again in like 20 years when I’l have kids (who knows) and see that landscape again! All the best for your friendship as well!

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      1. I went to the southern island with some friends, we rented a campervan and travelled through glaciers, lakes and managed to see Milford Sound: it was breathtaking!!

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