Favorite Song? Favorite Genre of Music?

Random question on my first day back to my blog? What’s y’alls favorite song? Favorite genre of music? I like country and I think my favorite song right now is “E” by Matt Mason.

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17 thoughts on “Favorite Song? Favorite Genre of Music?

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  1. I’ve got too many favorites to narrow it down to just one! My current earworm, though, would probably have to be “Baby Blue” by Badfinger, which was a pioneering band in 1970s power pop, which kinda built off the pop rock popularized by ‘60s bands like The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and The Beach Boys. Badfinger’s biggest success came in the early 1970s, but switching record labels, bickering within the band, and also being royally screwed out of hard-earned money by a terrible and manipulative manager led to the band’s downfall and the suicides of two of its primary members, lead singer Pete Ham in 1975 and bassist Tom Evans in 1983. Their song “Without You” was famously covered by Harry Nilsson, who got a #1 hit out of it, and then covered again by Mariah Carey in the early 1990s; it remains a signature song in pop music today. “Baby Blue” is a lesser-known song of theirs, but it was featured in Walter White’s final scene in “Breaking Bad”, and the song’s title is also reminiscent of the meth that Walter and Jesse became known for cooking in the series (due to Walter’s extensive knowledge of chemistry, he was able to cook meth so pure that it was a brilliant blue color). I also can’t listen to the song “Crystal Blue Persuasion” by Tommy James and the Shondells without thinking of Breaking Bad.

    A lot of what I listen to is classics from the ‘60s-‘80s with some ‘90s R&B/hip-hop and some harder rock and metal.

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  2. Welcome back Texas dude !! I like all types of music. Favorites to be expected: Country–Brooks & Dunne; Classical–Beethoven; 80’s Rock–AC/DC; 90’s Rock–Nirvana; 2000’s Rock–Nickelback & The Offspring; Pop–Michael Jackson. Nearly all “rock” music in the 21st century is crap. That’s why The Beatles are popular again.

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      1. It’s funny. I went to over 40 rock concerts in the 70’s (when everyone could afford them). But now when I started downloading music I found that there is very little 70’s rock I like listening to anymore.

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  3. Too many choices out there, which is great. For some reason I just cannot get “Alone again or…” out of my head. The original Love version is great, but I find The Damned version even more fantastic. On another note (pun intended) I am revisiting the 42+ year career of The Mekons too… and seeing them in Philly later this year…

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      1. And Icelandic, and Danish with a bit of Americana vibes…I don’t think I have any music from the Faroes or from Finland in there.

        I had listened to P5 Hits, a radio station in Norway, so they played some popular American songs too.

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