Airports, man. Am I right? They’re a gathering of a bunch of people who usually wouldn’t hang out. And we’re all here. And we’re all miserable 😜

Any fun airport stories y’all?

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  1. Picking up my father who was arriving back from business in Europe. He sends me the day, I get up very early and make the dreaded drive to Sydney Airport in peak hour traffic. Flight arrives, he doesn’t show up. I wait, thinking his temper has gotten him in trouble with Customs or Security. Nothing. Eventually I call Austria and they are about to drive him to the airport to depart – he’d sent me the departure time, rather than the arrival time.

    I go back the next day to pick him up. Flight is delayed by 3 hours. He has trouble at customs with some tools he has brought back (watchmakers tools that are very expensive)

    He’s also very inebriated and promptly fall asleep getting in the car. Total bill for the two days parking alone is over $90.

    I don’t like the airport much.

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      1. He needed to basically pass out to survive, as he was a heavy smoker, and making it 16 hours without a smoke was a real challenge for him. That said I’ve tried it myself on the long haul flight and if you want to drink on a flight, you need to commit to the journey! A hangover 10 hours into a horrible flight is NOT recommended!

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