Hey y’all! So I came back a few days ago and wanted to give y’all a more thorough update! I’ve been so busy with school and I think I stopped paying attention to you, my loyal reader, in November of 2018. So, a little 6 month layoff. My classes were very difficult so I started studying for finals and then my classes in the spring were so busy that I really never got a chance to jump back into my blog in that 6 month window. Thank you so much for all the likes and comments and coming to visit my blog! When I finally checked back in, I felt so bad that so many of you had left wonderful comments and I only wish I had gotten to them sooner. My apologies y’all! Anyway, here’s a few updates:


Update 1: I still don’t own a bowl – if you’ve been a follower of mine for about 2 years, then you know my cooking videos and pictures conspicuously do not contain a bowl. How do I make such delicious and mouthwatering recipes such as pizza rolls cooked in the microwave or chicken I tried to deep-fry and almost started a fire? Well! Not all heroes wear capes! But really, I’m going to go buy a bowl for when I make burgers or chicken pesto pasta and the like 😀


Update 2: I’m graduating law school soon! I graduate in December of 2019! Gosh I can’t believe it. I hope to take the bar in February and be a licensed attorney by 2020. I’m super excited and can’t wait to start my own law firm and represent my clients. So if anyone has an inkling to commit a crime, do it in mid-to-late 2020! But really, I’ll probably make a website and put out my office phone number on my blog to see if anyone needs legal services in Texas or elsewhere in the United States (sorry to all my lovely non-USA followers!)


Update 3: I’ve really enjoyed my time in my current city but I need to get home. It’s a nice city (I think I’ve said what city I’m in before, but for right now I’m going to leave you in suspense lol). It’s a fun city with some stuff to do but I’m from Houston so I’d like to go back there (or maybe somewhere else in Texas) and start a law practice. But I’ve enjoyed the zoo, the airport museum, the art and history museums, the aquarium, the fun coffee shops, and so much more in this city. I’ll miss it when I leave 🙂


Anyway, I hope I didn’t leave anything out. I may be getting a cat so that’s a fun update that will involve lots of pictures and lots of tweets (@texaslawstudent – check it out!)  about being ruled by a kitten. Cats really do run our lives, so I’m getting prepared to bow down on a daily basis!


I hope everyone and their families are doing well and I’ll be back involved in this and I’ll be visiting your blogs very soon!


Thanks y’all! Love y’all!

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