I’m making a Renaissance Fair Costume!

I think I want to make a Renaissance Fair Costume! Something with a cloak. Any ideas? If I ever make one, I’ll definitely post pictures!

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  1. I made a headless horseman costume for my son. I stopped at the local thrift stores and found items that could easily be re-purposed for the costume. I did disassemble a coat jacket, ruffled blouses and other items then reassembled to hide his head. The lace of the ruffled area allowed him to see out. Total cost was under $20. Decide the look you want then go to thrift stores and go through all departments looking items that can be remade.

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      1. I have a sewing machine so that is what I used. There is double sided bonding material named fusible webbing that you can use with an iron to put in hems, etc. Lots of demos on youtube. JoAnn’s Fabrics carries a lot of that stuff.

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  2. Cincinnati/Dayton have one of the larger fairs in the Midwest. https://www.renfestival.com/ They actually have a permanent “village” for the fair, that includes an arena for jousting, and theaters, shops, a blacksmith that makes swords, a luthier making instruments….

    The photos are pretty good. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=renaissance+fair+cincinnati&t=ffcm&iax=images&ia=images

    Though I haven’t been in way too long.

    Some of the shops sell clothes/wardrobe. Unless you are very craft-oriented and have the time.

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      1. I’m betting that the Austin fair is pretty good. (Just a hunch…)

        Was just trying to provide some ideas… making a costume (or anything) from scratch is an art, and a whole lot of work.

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