I Dressed Up Like a Cowboy

Had this picture taken in my trial skills class recently. Would you hire me as your cowboy attorney?! 😀 Can I even wear a cowboy hat in court?

Cowboy Attorney
Cowboy Attorney

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      1. Well, the partners of the firm are husband and wife: John and Ultima Morgan (yes, that’s her real name). And at least three of their children have joined the firm as partners. John’s been a fixture on Florida TV for well over two decades, back when the firm was called Morgan, Colling & Gilbert. Then the trio split, and I think he elevated his wife to partner in the firm. Colling and Gilbert still have their own firm, though, Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter. From what I’ve seen in my googling, Morgan & Morgan has offices in 13 states, but they base their operations out of Orlando.

        Other notable lawyers here in Central Florida as seen on TV are Dan Newlin (known for a having a big forehead and sometimes putting on benefit concerts); Pekoe, Reed, Wright & Associates (they specialize in Social Security law; their ads have had the same jingle for as long as I can remember: 🎵 Pekoe, Reed, Wright & Associates…because you’ve earned it all… 🎵 I went to high school with the son of one of the partners in that firm, and he ended up becoming a lawyer himself, but not in his parent’s firm); and Piercy J. Stakelum (which has to be the most lawyer-sounding name I have ever heard in my life).

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  1. It’s true – I do host free community concerts! The most recent free concert I produced was on June 1st to honor our hero, Officer Valencia. Artists included Pitbull, Nacho, and DJ Vice. It was a great night for all!

    You can read more about it here: https://www.clickorlando.com/news/thousands-expected-to-attend-free-pitbull-concert-to-benefit-orlando-police-officer

    Also, the cowboy hat is a nice touch! Keep up the great work! -Dan

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      1. Not bad. Living in Austin I see the ads. Some are bald, some have hair and there are a few with hats. There is one that looks like a member of a hair rock band. Do professionals select their clients with their style?

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