Question of the Day #1

So I keep coming across the same phrase: “Jesus was tolerant and inclusive.”

What do y’all think about that?

Didn’t Jesus say the way that leads to destruction is wide and the way that leads to life is narrow? But also Jesus preached the Golden Rule. Any thoughts y’all? I’m genuinely curious

8 thoughts on “Question of the Day #1

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  1. Jesus preached compassion and forgiveness. Even for one’s enemies. That’s not the same thing as tolerance. We are to embrace sinners only after they have repented and changed their ways.

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  2. Jesus loved everyone whether they had repented or not. Note his interaction with the woman at the well, who was not of his race or culture. Before he died he asked his Father to forgive the people who had crucified him. His love was unconditional and he invites us to love the same way.

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  3. One has to ignore lots of scriptures if he/she comes to this conclusion. However, the statement “Jesus was intolerant and exclusive” would also be wrong. But he was no “fence sitter” either. 😀

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